Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The KGC is now open seven days a week!

NEWS: You can now get your responsible, sustainably grown, organic coffee (and all the rest of it) on Mondays too. Starting Monday the 6th of July we'll be open seven days a week on an experimental basis. Come and make it work!

Lovely Café in Brussels

Modele is at one end of Rue Antoine Dansaert / Dansaertstraat. I really loved the place. I'd been walking for ages and really wanted to just put my feet up (not quite), sit down and drink copious amounts of water and a couple of espressos. Still, I wanted something apart - not a run-of-the-mill dingy café. At the end of Dansaert I found Café Modele, which is a corner café with generous tall windows on two sides, letting in lots of daylight. It's an old space, with a recent tasteful refurb. Super well selected music playing - mostly great new stuff I hadn't heard. Although both the coffee and food were average - by which I mean not bad - the staff were super friendly, charming and real local eye-candy. I just love the way they've taken an old space and redesigned bits of it making it very current, yet in a restrained, responsible manner, true to the original space and it's details. What I'd call non-interventionist design or minimun intervention design. Very inspirational vibe...